The Automotive industry is growing day-by-day into a competitive and increasingly sophisticated platform. When the demand for talented engineers increases we can give you the right one. Here at Overseas Link International, we have a specialized team of recruitment experts to solve your staffing needs. Having been in business since 2003 and having a number of automotive experienced staff. We supply permanent and contract manpower for all sectors of the Automobile Industry.

The significance for the automotive engineers is becoming an inevitable part for the industrial sector nowadays due to the automobile market flooded with new generation manufacturers. It’s mainly due to the role what an auto engineer does – modifies, develops existing engines for better locomotion. Responsibility for him may mark-up on with assisting the drafter for building designs of body, engine and other parts of an automobile.

Key skills in an Auto Engineer

  • Should design and develop existing automobile parts for better results.
  • Should work towards customer’s problem solution.
  • Should have excellent technical knowledge with ability to analyze data.
  • Should be able to work economically with good results.
  • Should work according to prescribed deadlines.

Why We Need Automotive Engineer

  1. To design and plan visual interpretation of auto parts with their functioning.
  2. To test the working of prototypes using physical and graphical methods.
  3. To study every aspect of proposed plan.
  4. To supervise and conduct installation of different auto parts appropriately.
  5. To keep a check on mechanical failures and maintenance issues.
  6. To test machine in every environment before final installation.
  7. To test drive the vehicle personally and look to resolve any issue.